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PCM Thermo+


Comfort Zone:
Microclimate between the skin and the fabric that is perceived as most comfortable 28-30ºC (82°F – 86°F)
(R.A. Scott, Textiles for protection, 2005)

  • Standard garment thermal insulation – Passive
  • PCM thermal regulation - Active

Temperature variation in microclimate is determined by:

Body Heat
Change in environment
( The presence of PCM will buffer such fluctuations in temperature)


Thermoregulation & Perspiration

  • If body temperature exceeds 37.5°C (98.6°F) the body needs to cool down
  • Blood vessels under the skin dilate
  • Body produces perspiration
  • Cooling through evaporation
  • PCM absorbs the heat from the body .
  • Microclimate stays in the comfort zone for longer periods of time .
  • Delays the onset of temperature rise to 37.5°C (98.6°F) .
  • Less cooling needed for the body.
  • Less perspiration.
  • Cool sensation.