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Who Are We?

J&B has been devoted to producing functional fabrics for more than 20 years. We own weaving and dyeing mills in Taiwan. We have also been producing fabrics in China for over 12 years and have successfully built up a strong and stable supply chain there, especially for volume price point fabrics, prints, softshells, double weaves, and downproof fabrics (15D to 20D). This has enabled us to offer more competitive prices for those products as compared to their equivalents made in Taiwan.

What Do We Do?

J&B specializes in designing and producing fabrics that cater to both the outdoor and snowboarding markets, which allows us to fully meld characteristics from both sides into each other. With J&B fabrics, fashion and function is never a trade-off!

J&B sends its R&D team worldwide to attend trendsetting shows and exhibitions on a regular basis to generate new ideas and concepts in product design. We do not just sell fabrics; we sell cool, new ideas!

Why Choose Us?

J&B has developed a full-fledged organizational structure in order to provide our customers with excellent comprehensive service. We are equipped with a strong R&D team with great control of production (QA), good problem-solving abilities, capabilities to offer the lowest prices to our clients, and excellent communication skills. J&B is a large company with a big production capacity, yet we still maintain to be highly flexible and efficient overall.